Help! My Roof Leaks During Heavy Rain

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The spring of 2022 brought several rounds of torrential rain to south-central Kansas. Even if your home has never had a roof leak before, you may find that your roof leaks during heavy rain. No matter when or where it happens, a leaky roof is a serious issue that should be addressed as soon as possible. In the Wichita area, call Dingers Roofing & Construction at 316-202-2066 for a free roof inspection.

What to Do if Your Roof Leaks During a Rainstorm

  • When water is actively dripping, use buckets or bowls to catch the drips so they don’t cause a safety hazard or additional damage.
  • If you’re able to access your attic or crawl space to find the source of the leak, mark it for later. Patching material like caulk or putty has to be applied after the area is dry.
  • In the Wichita, Kansas, area, call the experts at Dingers Roofing and Construction for professional roof repair or replacement. We’re a professional roofing company with experienced roof inspectors. We’ll find and fix the leak so you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

How to Check for Roof Leaks

Homeowners who have access to the attic or crawl space above their home’s finished living areas may be able to check for signs of a leak. During active rain, you’ll see water dripping or running from the underside of the roof. When it’s not raining, look for signs of water damage or even mold that can indicate leaks. If a leak is severe or has been going on for a while, you will also see water stains on the ceiling inside your home.

If you don’t have access to your home’s attic or don’t feel comfortable climbing around up there, call the experts at Dingers Roofing and Construction in Wichita. We’re professional roofing contractors who are trained to find and repair leaks.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Roof Leaks?

Generally, a leaky roof is caused by missing or damaged shingles, corroded metal fasteners, damaged flashing, and deteriorated or improper seals.

Here in the Wichita area, asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material. Depending on the quality, these roof shingles are made to last around 20-25 years. Over time, they can dry out, crack, curl and lift. This allows water to get underneath the shingles, especially in storms with high winds. This is why it’s important to have your roof inspected for wind damage, missing shingles, or other storm damage. The roofing professionals at Dingers Roofing & Construction include professional roof inspectors who can check your roof’s shingles to make sure they’ll protect your home during the next heavy rain.

Metal fasteners and flashing are also roof leak culprits. They can develop cracks or corrosion that will cause a water leak. Asphalt shingle roofs have flashing around chimneys, roof vents and skylights. If the flashing becomes damaged or has gaps, water can leak through the roof. Metal roofs that are not regularly inspected and maintained can develop cracks or loosen over time. Another common issue is corrosion at the fasteners that can allow water to leak through.

Where is a Roof Most Likely to Leak?


One place water typically enters a home or business roof is through the skylight. Obviously, if it’s not closed completely, rainwater will get in. Even a properly secured skylight can leak if there are unsealed gaps in the flashing and around the frame.


The chimney is another common source of roof leaks. Two layers of flashing, or sheet metal, overlap the gap between the chimney and the roof. Then they’re sealed with urethane caulk. Over time, however, this caulk loosens, creating gaps for rainwater to get under the shingles.

Roof Vents

Similarly, roof vents that are improperly sealed or have deteriorating caulk can allow water to leak into your home through gaps or cracks at their base.

Flat Roof Leaks

When flat roofs don’t have enough drainage to keep up with a heavy rainstorm, water can collect on the surface. This can lead to pooling or water running down the walls. Business owners can prevent flat roof leaks by ensuring the roof is sealed and has eaves, flashing and drains that are in good condition.

What Happens if a Roof Leak Isn’t Repaired?

Over time, even a small roof leak can become a big problem. Water can damage your ceiling rafters and the framing in your walls, which leads to costly repairs.

If you have any belongings stored in the attic, they may get water damage as well. This can be disheartening if you have irreplaceable keepsakes stored in the attic, as they may not be salvageable.

A leaky roof can also cause mildew and mold to grow inside your home, which can cause respiratory problems and trigger allergies.

Additionally, roof leaks can even lead to a house fire. With all the wiring that runs through a home’s attic, any water that gets in could cause a short and electrical fire.

Is Roof Leak Repair Covered by my Homeowner’s Insurance?

Depending on the cause, your insurance may cover roof leak repair or roof replacement. Check your homeowner’s insurance policy for exclusions. Generally, homeowner’s insurance will cover leak repairs due to storm damage but not leaks caused by normal wear and tear or a lack of maintenance.

Dingers Roofing and Construction makes the process easier by helping you navigate the roof insurance claim process. Call us at 316-202-2066 to get started.

Can’t I Just Fix the Leaky Roof Myself?

Attempting to fix a roof leak is not a good idea for home or business owners. There’s the obvious risk of physical harm from climbing on your roof and risking a fall. Then there’s the fact that doing your own roof repairs could void your homeowner’s insurance and/or cause additional damage.

If a property owner causes damage to their own roof, the repairs are generally not covered by insurance. Additionally, your roof repair claim will need documentation provided by an independent third party who has inspected the damage. In some cases, repair may not even be an option. A professional roofer like Dingers Roofing and Construction will help you determine whether a roof leak repair or roof replacement will be required.

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