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Roof Insurance Claims

Roof insurance claimAt Dingers Roofing & Construction, we want to ease your mind about your roof insurance claim. We educate our customers on how to get a roof replacement with an insurance claim. While the insurance process can sometimes be a little overwhelming, we’re here to help you every step of the way and answer all of your questions.

How does the roof insurance claim process work?

  1. Contact a Dingers Roofing & Construction representative by calling 316-202-2066. We want to provide you with a complete roofing inspection as well as evaluate your entire property for additional damage.
  2. When we come out to inspect your roof, we’ll go over all damages with you and all options to get your home back to where it was prior to being damaged.
  3. We’ll answer any questions you have and walk you through the process of contacting your insurance company to initiate a claim.
  4. Within 48-72 hours an insurance adjuster from your insurance company will contact you and schedule their inspection. Please note the following items regarding the insurance adjuster:
    1. Their Name
    2. Their Phone Number
    3. Your Roof Insurance Claim Number
    4. The Date/Time Of Their Inspection
  5. Contact your Dingers Roofing & Construction representative to let them know about the important information you collected from your insurance adjuster.
  6. Your Dingers Roofing & Construction representative will arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to the insurance adjuster, to be fully prepared to meet with them.
  7. Your insurance adjuster will prepare a written Summary Report going over all property damage and the amounts they are currently estimating the losses to be. This Summary Report may be completed on site or mailed to you.
  8. Once you receive the Summary Report contact your Dingers Roofing & Construction representative to sit down and go over all the details and line items in the report.
  9. Your Dingers Roofing & Construction representative will schedule the work to be done according to insurance company standards and your needs.
  10. Once work is complete, your Dingers Roofing & Construction representative will make sure that you’re completely satisfied and will collect the check that was included with your Summary Report.
  11. A final invoice is sent to your insurance company letting them know that all work has been complete and to release all applicable depreciation.
  12. A few weeks later you will receive your final check from your insurance company. Please contact your Dingers Roofing & Construction representative in order to expedite the closing of your claim and to pick up the final check.