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Roof inspectionsLeaky roof or broken shingles causing you headaches? Dingers Roofing & Construction provides free roof inspections in Wichita, KS and surrounding communities, for both residential and commercial customers.
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The majority of leaking roofs are caused by storm damage, falling tree limbs, poor installation or lack of experience. During your roof inspection, we thoroughly analyze all aspects of your roof including all of the flashing including around your chimney, step, apron, valley, angled areas and all joints that connect separate sections. We’ll determine which areas of your roof require repair and provide you with an estimate for a roof replacement or roof repair.

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roof inspectionHAAG Certified Roof Inspectors

What’s it mean to be certified to inspect residential roofs? It means you’re in good hands with a trusted professional who has premier comprehensive training in roof inspections. Certified by HAAG, we’re able to provide roof inspections in the Wichita area  with confidence and knowledge. Check our good standing at

Craig Dingman, roof inspector

Craig Dingman
Certified Roof Inspector

HCI Number: 201701212
Residential Certification
HAAG certified roof inspector

Luke Robertson, roof inspector

Luke Robertson
Certified Roof Inspector

HCI Number: 201701228
Residential Certification
HAAG certified roof inspector

Inspect Roofs Damaged by High Winds

High winds are known to wreak havoc on roofs. Large gusts of wind often tear off shingles, and cause metal roofing to peel off buildings. When high winds strike the Wichita area, contact Dingers Roofing & Construction for a free roof inspection. Our certified roof inspectors will climb up on your roof, check for shingle damage, missing shingles and other possible damage.

Roof Damage From High Wind

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