What To Do After A Storm Hits Wichita

Storm At Night

Luke Robertson and Craig Dingman are the owners of Dingers Roofing and Construction.

Most home and business owners don’t know who to call after a storm hits their property: Do you call your insurance company or a roofing company first?

Watch as they discuss this frequently asked question after severe weather passes through the Wichita area.

1. Request Free Roof Inspection

First thing call Dingers Roofing & Construction. We’ll come out and provide a free roof inspection. We provide free roof inspections for both residential and commercial customers.

2. During Roof Inspection

During our inspection of your roof, we’ll thoroughly evaluate your roofs condition and look for signs of damage. We are professional roof inspectors in Wichita. If damage is spotted, we’ll immediately cover the area to keep your roof water tight. One of our immediate goals after a storm is to keep leaks from entering your home or business.

3. File Claim With Insurance

If damage to your roof is found, we’ll assist the property owner with contacting their insurance company to file a claim. When the insurance adjuster comes out, Dingers Roofing & Construction will work directly with the insurance adjuster to make sure you’re accurately represented, and your roof (and surrounding property) will be taken care of.

Our goal is to make sure your home or commercial property is put back together in pre-storm condition. Contact us today for more information or email us below to request an appointment.

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