4 Reasons to Upgrade to Class 4 Shingles

Owens Corning Class 4 Shingles

If you’re considering investing in a new roof, a class 4 shingle may be your best bet. Upgrading to a high-performance shingle can provided longer lasting protection, better performance, and potential savings. Learn more below and discover reasons to upgrade to class 4 shingles.

What is a Class 4 Shingle?

Shingles go through a series of tests to determine their ability to resist hail damage. During each test, a steel ball is dropped on a shingle, and the impact is measured.

  • Class 1 shingle test: 1-1/4″ steel ball dropped from 12 feet
  • Class 2 shingle test: 1-1/2″ steel ball dropped from 15 feet
  • Class 3 shingle test: 1-3/4″ steel ball dropped from 17 feet
  • Class 4 shingle test: 2″ steel ball dropped from 20 feet

Based on the strength of the shingle during each test, shingles are classified in one of four classifications: Class 1 (lowest rating), Class 2, Class 3 and Class 4 (highest rated shingles, resisting the most hail damage).

Why Upgrade to a Class 4 Shingle?

For those of us in Kansas, severe weather is no stranger. According to the Insurance Information Institute, Kansas ranked #2 in the top five states for major hail events in 2016, with 569 hail events hitting our state. Knowing how damaging hail can be, here are four reasons to consider upgrading to a class 4 shingle when roofing your home or business.

1. Class 4 Shingles Resist The Most Impact

Currently, class 4 shingles are the highest rated shingle on the market. Their resistance to large hail, wind and the elements can keep your property protected longer.

2. Potential Insurance Savings

Many insurance companies will provide a discount on premiums to property owners who have a qualifying class 4 shingle installed on their home or business. Inquire with your insurance company directly to learn more about possible discounts for class 4 shingles.

3. Excellent Performance

Class 4 shingles can be rated to within stand wind gusts up to 130mph (requires special installation). Most class 4 shingles are manufactured with a protectant to resist algae. For consumers who demand curb appeal, most shingles come in a variety of colors to compliment the exterior of your property.

4. Better Warranty

An added benefit of most class 4 shingles is that they come with a limited lifetime warranty, some up to 50 years.

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