7 Signs Your Home Needs New Windows

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Unless you built your home or have replaced the windows since you’ve lived there, you may not know how old your windows are. That’s okay, because the average lifespan of home windows can vary widely, so age isn’t necessarily the best way to determine if they need to be replaced. Instead, look for these seven signs your home needs new windows:

1. Lots of noise from outside
Good-quality windows that are properly sealed and insulated should block most noise from outdoors. If you can easily hear cars drive by on the street or people talking outside your home, it may be time to invest in newer or better-quality windows. For the best soundproofing, look for windows made with double- or triple-pane glass that are insulated with Krypton or Argon gas between the panes.

2. Feeling drafts even when the window is closed
There are many reasons windows leak, including poor installation and bad seals. If you feel air moving through a closed window, there’s a good chance it may need to be replaced. Doing so will not only make your home more comfortable, but it can also help your HVAC system work more efficiently so you can save on energy costs.

3. Windows are difficult to open, close and lock
Over time, windows can stick or develop balance issues that make them difficult to operate. Windows that won’t lock are a safety issue, and if they don’t close properly, they can let unwanted moisture, insects and outside air into your home. These should be replaced, along with rusted or warped windows.

4. Condensation between the glass panes
You may notice condensation on the inside of your windows in the winter, or on the outside glass on warm, humid summer mornings. This is normal, but moisture or frost between the panes of glass are indications that the window’s seal has failed. Poorly sealed windows have greatly reduced energy efficiency, which can lead to higher heating and cooling costs, so it’s a good idea to get them replaced.

5. Damaged window frames or glass
Some signs of window damage are obvious, such as a cracked wood frame or broken glass. Storm damage, however, can be more difficult to detect. Windows that may look fine could actually be unstable and weak. Here in Kansas, we’re no stranger to tornadoes and strong thunderstorms. If a major storm has gone through your area, it’s a good idea to have your windows checked to see if they need to be replaced, especially if other parts of your home were damaged by wind or hail.

6. Increased energy costs
If your heating and cooling bills have been running higher than usual, it might be time for new windows. Broken, poorly sealed and single-pane windows can allow hot and cold air to transfer into and out of your home This makes your furnace and air conditioner work harder, resulting in increased energy costs.

7. Renovations
Many homeowners choose to replace their windows as part of a home remodel or renovation. Even if your windows function correctly and don’t seem to be leaking, you may want new windows for a different look.

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