Your Hometown Specialists: Metal Roofing Installation

Corrugated Metal Roof Installation

Luke Robertson and Craig Dingman, owners of Dingers Roofing & Construction, recently talked with KAKE-TV as Hometown Specialists. They discuss metal roofing installation and the benefits, as well as the benefits metal roofing has. Metal can be used for both commercial and residential applications. Metal can be installed year-round no matter what the temperature brings.

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Dingers Roofing & Construction is our Hometown Specialists, and yes that winter weather can play a big part in our plans. So both owners are here right now. Craig Dingman and Luke Robertson and we sure appreciate your time guys. How are you doing this how are you?

Doing good. How are you?

We are all looking at the forecast, wondering what kind of snow and and what these cold conditions can mean for us. I want to start off first here by talking about what’s the latest and greatest in in the industry. What are some of the things that we should know about when it comes to our roof?

Well as of now with the weather and stuff the way it’s turning turning colder we’re actually starting really heavy into our metal installations. The metal roofs we can put on year-round. They come with a lifetime warranty on the paint. A 30-year on the fade. They come in different thicknesses. The key thing with it is the warranty and installation. Our crews are specifically installing these with the flashings, the the closures, making sure the whole system’s put together the right way.

Now when I think of a metal roof I’m thinking maybe like a a metal structure. But this is I imagine this is a lot nicer than say a shed or something like that.

Yeah it’s steel. I mean it’s industrial steel. We’re a Central States distributor so we get our metal straight from them. It’s a limited lifetime 50 year manufacturer warranty product with a 30 year no fade warranty. It actually qualifies for the UL 22-18 impact resistance that the composite shingles do too. So there’s a lot of added benefits to it. It’s a product that’ll be a lot more, as far as longevity and the elements and stuff, it’s a product that’ll last a lot longer for people in their homes.

And they’re becoming a lot more popular now too, so the wave of the future here huh?

Yeah we’re running a winter special through March 31st (2018). We do a $500 off of a full roof replacement. The key
with the the metal roofs are just you don’t have to, if we get hail, wind, things like that, they’re there to stay. They’re gonna outlive me.

Yeah I’d imagine that would that would definitely hold up. So for those of us who are just kind of in need of a question here there how do we get in contact with you guys, if say like I’ve talked to you earlier you know I got a little bit of a leak I can give you call and you’ll come out right.

Yeah give us a call at our office at 306-202-2066 or look us up at our website

Okay should we be getting up on our roofs or anything try to keep this snow out of the shingles and that type of deal.

Call us.

Generally this time of year people start to deal with ice damming and stuff like that once we start getting some snow piling up on roofs. If you get it a leak or you get an issue go ahead and give us a call we’ll be happy to come
take a look at it and see if there’s anything that we can do to help you winterize your home, so to speak.

Yeah all right I just got up on a ladder to put my Christmas lights up I’m not getting back up. All right I’ll call you guys. Thank you very Dingers Roofing & Construction, we sure appreciate you guys.